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A powerful first paragraph can make a sale...

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A powerful first paragraph can make a sale...

There is a point to this post. When a customer reaches the point to make a purchase, this purchase point must occur within the first paragraph of the copy. If not, the purchase point is lost and so is the customer. The customer failed to get the point.


To put it another way, a great direct marketing sales piece gets to the point quickly. Your objective is to get the reader's attention and attract the reader's interest, quickly. The copy does not need to set the table for understanding the piece but to generate immediate interest and the reader to make a purchase.

In the age of digital marketing via numerous communication channels, people do not hesitate to move on to something else, quickly. Even the fastest and most motivated readers cannot read everything they wish. When you are direct, and your readers know your point immediately, they are more willing to connect with you.

To make another point, beginning a message with the word you, immediately involves the reader. A message that is you oriented speaks directly to the need of the reader, who more than likely will get the point.

It is viable to hold back some of the more technical information until later in the selling process or even after the sale occurs. Another point to make is to hold back on the choices and options you offer. Too many choices cause readers to hesitate and even abandon the purchase.

If you have a shopping cart program or are selling products directly from your website, you may want to check the copy to make sure you are getting the most out of these selling opportunities. Landing pages are another website messaging tool that need short sentences, short paragraphs and even short words.

Here's another point - when writing email copy think about the length of the subject line. A short subject line was once recommended to get your email opened. However, some of the most succinct points in a subject line, such as free or great low prices, immediately brought spam to the reader's attention and they would move on to the next email.

Next time you are ready to deploy an email, experiment with your subject lines. Make it dramatic, interesting and directed to the right target audience. If you are able to focus on the reader's self-interest, the click to open rate will start to rise.

We all believe our message is the most important one our readers will receive in any given day. To us it is; to make it more important to others, make it easy to read and understand. Getting your point across just may start hitting more targets and more sales. Isn't that an important point of selling?


If there are any questions, just ask. Please share this post with others. It's greatly appreciated.


Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.





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