All Ideas are Good, Even if they are not Completed

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All Ideas are Good, Even if they are not Completed



In a recent article on Open Forum, Michelle Rafter talks about "Quick Ways to New Ideas."  This got me thinking about how we come up with ideas on our team.  We currently have an idea board where all ideas are placed for all team members to see.  I think this is a great way to implement some of the tips from the article, like the right environment and no critiquing.  


From our idea board we have many phases a project/idea needs to go through before it can be completed.  This helps us to vet an idea to make sure that it is in-line with company goals as well as our team goals, can be completed within a timely manner, and will have a positive impact to our customer base.  Not every idea put on the board will go further than  the "New idea" category.  They could be turned down right from the start; however, the idea was submitted and written down.  It could have helped spark other ideas or caused team members to think outside of the box.  


Read the full article here for tips on how to get new ideas.  What do you do in your business/organization to bolster new ideas? 

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