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Alternative ways for marketing (besides email)

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Alternative ways for marketing (besides email)

Hi CC Community,

I was wondering what you small business owners do for other means of marketing? Social media is a great source I have that, but what else would be a great idea to put the name out there? What do you guys do?



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Ramon T.

Re: Alternative ways for marketing (besides email)

Hi Ramon,

I'm sure someone will be able to give you some ideas here on what works for them. 


I'm glad to hear you are active on social media, we've seen that be very successful overall for customers. What sites do you currently use?



Hannah M.
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Re: Alternative ways for marketing (besides email)

Hi Ramon, 


There are hundreds of ideas. Some of them are: 

  • Leaving flyers around. 
  • Handing out promotionals 
  • Help others in forums like this one (just don't spam them)
  • Making sure your company logos and link are in your e-mail footers
  • Press releases for new events or happenings in your business
  • Reciprocations with other businesses
  • Flyers in your product boxes (if you're shipping a product)
  • Contests
  • Sponsoring your kid's school yearbooks or sporting events

Lock yourself in a quiet room and get those creative juices flowing. I hope this helps a little. 

- Good luck!


Mike Donovan
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Re: Alternative ways for marketing (besides email)

Hi Ramon,


The previous post from Mike Donovan has a nice list of ideas, all of which could be useful.


We also do a number of joint venture campaigns with our clients.


For instance, a restaurant advertises a dry cleanser's coupon in their menu, and the dry cleaner hands out this restaurant's coupons. A public speaker promotes a hotel and the hotel has him listed as a preferred keynote speaker. One of our custom children's wear clients, works with a children's art school to provide custom aprons. The children's wear promotes the art school in it's newsletters and the art school sends every child home with a custom apron with this client's logs and address to promote each other. In our published self-help books, we bring several business people together to each write a chapters in the book which then includes a paragraph on their business/services, as well as a business listing in the back of the book. Then everyone uses constant contact to promote the book to their individual lists.


Think creativity who you could join forces with to cross promote.


Wishing you awesome and continued success,




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Re: Alternative ways for marketing (besides email)

Great post Sumner. We're doing more and more collaborations ourselves as we grow. 

Another idea is to start a blog or forum related to your business and/or your area of expertise. They can be hard to get off the ground sometimes but if it catches on, you'll have a full audience to market to. An example is our drum forum, I'm a professional drummer by trade and my start in business was an online drummer gifts store. It eventually caught on and now it's one of the top drummer forums on the net with over half a million posts! We provide a great service to drummers with a plethora of free information and we receive business branding in return. 

Mike Donovan
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