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Alternatives for Those that Hate Networking Events

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Alternatives for Those that Hate Networking Events

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Let's face it not everyone loves to go to networking events, including me. They are a great way of course to meet other people who are in your Industry but sometimes, as this article suggests, can feel to "salesy".  If only there were other options available?  Thanks to Matthew Toren, of, has shared with us 3 alternatives to networking events.


Meetups: Check out to meet those that want to join a group or club in your area. If you join a meetup that you have interest in, you'll meet others who have that same interest. Build on this and you'll be surprised at who you can connect with!


Entrepreneur organizations: The beauty about these organizations is that they are built on the idea of growing relationships. Research the organizations in your area prior to joining one so that you can learn all you can about them.  


Volunteer or community service: Find an opportunity that you truly believe in and go volunteer!  You can find many others there that are not only in your industry but also like to serve the same organization as you!


What do you suggest as an alternative for networking events? Share with us here!


Check out the full article, "3 Alternatives for People Who Hate networking Events".


Re: Alternatives for Those that Hate Networking Events

I've found that when dealing with small businesses, being a customer of your customer always helps build on a relationship.  You're in it together in a real way that can help build the success of both parties involved.  That being said of course there always has to be a way to offset the costs of investing in each other which is why spending the extra time with that client is important, it will eventually lead to referrals for new customers and in that way pay back your investment.

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Re: Alternatives for Those that Hate Networking Events

Great information Jonathan! Thanks for sharing!