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Any Photographers out there?

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Any Photographers out there?

I am a high school senior photographer and just signed up today with Constant Contact.  I am wondering if there are other photographers here and how successful you have been with using this company.  I'd love to hear your feedback.  And what are you doing that seems to be working for you.

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Re: Any Photographers out there?

Karen:  As a now retired photographer of over 50 years, I applaud your desire to take the next step, I wish I had these tools when I first started!  


Much depends on what you want to do, what type(s) of photography interests you and what audiences you are targeting.  Keep in mind a lesson I learned oh so many years ago when I built my first website, taken from the movie:  "Build it and they will come" was the tag line but not true!  I launched the site and waited for the phone to ring...when it didn't, I learned that I had to DRIVE my potential audience TO my, Constant Contact may be of help to you to reach out to your audience and drive them to see your work on your website.  I'd avoid "specials" too early in the game, emphasize your talent with samples, any specialties you may have and anything else that you feel would make you stand out and differentiate you from the pack of others out there.  The trick will be to find out how to get contacts to email.  Best of luck!