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Apple Watch, Email Marketing Friend or Foe?

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Apple Watch, Email Marketing Friend or Foe?

apple-watch.jpgThe future is now. Apple Watch has arrived.


When Apple released its latest must-have piece of technology, it seemed a bit like science-fiction coming to reality. Of course, as technology advances it’s interesting how one step forward leads to two steps back in other technology realms. The launch of Apple Watch is a perfect example of this as the Watch that has everyone talking, presents new marketing challenges.


Everything Old is New Again. Hello, Text Based Emails.


When was the last time you actually reviewed and cleaned up your text-only version of your email? 1999? As an email marketing services company we tend to check these things out regularly. However, most clients we work with don’t even know that there’s a tab in Constant Contact that allows for review of a text-only version. After all, who receives text only emails anymore? Depending on your target audience though, you may need to start updating your email send checkbox list.


Here's what to expect and not expect when it comes to email marketing and Apple Watch:


1. Apple Watch will display a text-only version if it detects one available. And, it adds this message: “This message contains elements Apple Watch can’t display. You can read a text version below.”


2. Embedded images appear as a garbled mess and should be avoided.


3. If an email is sent and there is no text version available, this message will appear: “The full version of this message isn’t available on Apple Watch. But you can read it on your iPhone.”


4. Links will not work on Apple Watch.


5. Open tracking of emails on Apple Watch is not available.


Adoption of Apple Watch will take a bit of time. Of course, the adoption rate for you depends completely on your target audience. If you’re targeting the elderly, you can probably ignore this post. However, if you target young consumers, put on your thinking cap. This new technology presents some potential frustrations, but also new opportunities to engage your audience. Here are a few of my ideas to get you started.


1. Send an email to your list with a poll and ask them if they own or are considering purchase of Apple Watch.

2. Utilize the new birthday and anniversary autoresponders available in Constant Contact. Find new ways to send personalized messages to your list on their special occasions and even your own. (ex: We’re celebrating our birthday today – 10 years in business, WooHoo! Stop in and show this email for 50% Off - Today Only.)

3. Shorten your message from sentences and paragraphs to a succinct few words and call to action. (ex: Get Your 2nd Pizza Free. Just Show This Email)

4. Add intrigue in your text only version. (ex: Just released! Have you seen our new summer events schedule? Use your phone and visit us at


These are just a few thoughts. What do you think? How will you engage on Apple Watch? Or, do you think wearable technology is too immature a space to worry about?


Thanks for reading. If you're interested in connecting with me and getting a free email template and a brainstorming session, let's discuss. Use this link to learn more -


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Jake Burns
An award-winning, Master Certified partner and is the founder of SouthDirekt, a Tampa-based internet marketing firm.
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Re: Apple Watch, Email Marketing Friend or Foe?

Great article, Jake! Truly opened my eyes to the importance of plain text as screens become smaller! I actually just mentioned this in my latest Constant Contact Community Blog post about plain text emails.


Bryan Caplan
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Re: Apple Watch, Email Marketing Friend or Foe?

Thanks Jake for the insights!