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Are You Checked-In To Engagement Marketing?

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Are You Checked-In To Engagement Marketing?

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Working on the Social Media Support Team, I’m always on Facebook.  I’m constantly looking for new information that I can share with my friends or to share here in the Community.  I love it when my friends find a new business or check in to a restaurant I’ve never heard of.  Having the ability to see where they are and if they have a great experience is a huge win for everyone. The business is getting free word of mouth just because my friends love to check in on both Facebook and FourSquare.


This is exactly what Gail is talking about in Chapter 5 “How Engagement Marketing Drives New Prospects To Your Door”.


  • Have you ever “Liked” a page on Facebook because your friend had checked in or tagged them in a photo? 
  • Have you seen you business page grow in likes or visits after others tag it?
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Re: Are You Checked-In To Engagement Marketing?

I try to check into my favorite local businesses (particlarly restaurants - mmm, it's lunch time now!) just to help give them that free advertising.  Sometimes,  check in when I'm leaving after a really good meal rather than at the door. It feels like by then I can recommend the place fully.

Rosalind Morville