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Are You Making These LinkedIn Rookie Mistakes?

Contributing Solution Provider

Are You Making These LinkedIn Rookie Mistakes?

It's a Friday evening, and you're at your local Safeway picking up milk, Oreos, and a bag of Purina Dog Chow. Suddenly a stranger rushes up to you and says, "Let's be friends." What would your reaction be?


Although the above scenario sounds preposterous offline, it's happening all the time online at LinkedIn, the professional social network. Unaware of social network rules, i.e. "netiquette," people are constantly committing social gaffes like the one above. I regularly receive LinkedIn invitations--often from salespeople I don't know--with the generic "I'd like to add you to my professional network." Now I'm a social person, and I love making connections, but PLEASE introduce yourself. Even a simple message like "Hi Maureen, I've been reading your marketing newsletter for a couple months now, and I'd like to connect. Would you be interested?" would get you an immediate acceptance click from me.


So, remember, whether online or offline, it's simply about good manners.


For 12 more LinkedIn gaffes to avoid, click here .


Incidentally, if you'd like to connect with me on LinkedIn, I'd welcome the connection. Just remember to introduce yourself!  


To your success,


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Maureen Dudley enjoys writing, ballroom dancing, and jazz music. A travel aficionado, she has zip-lined in Mexico, explored an Egyptian pyramid by flashlight, and slept in a 12th-century Austrian castle. Her company, Dudley & Nunez Communications, specializes in helping clients nationwide with Constant Contact. Her monthly small business newsletter, Maureen’s Marketing Moment, is read worldwide. (Sign up by clicking here.) Maureen offers complimentary 30-minute Constant Contact consultations. Reach her at (916) 759-6977 or

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