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Are You Seen as a Pro?

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Are You Seen as a Pro?

My friend and colleague, Melissa Washington, was once at a routine business meeting when the producers of a local news show approached her for an on-the-spot interview. Although caught off guard, Melissa remained composed, gave a great interview, and is now known as the "Lord of LinkedIn."


Just like Melissa, you too are always marketing yourself--whether you like it or not. So, you'd better be prepared to put your best foot forward and to always be professional.



5 Ways to Present Yourself Professionally

    • Dress Professionally:  The saying "you can't judge a book by its cover" won't serve you well in business. Would the TV news producers have requested an interview if Melissa had been wearing torn jeans and a T-shirt that day?

    • Proofread your Communications Carefully:  I interact with thousands of small business professionals each year. A common dilemma is lack of time. Nonetheless, we all need to slow down and do more proofreading before we hit the send or post buttons.     

    • Keep Your Commitments:  Honor appointments, arrive on time, and meet your deadlines.      

    • Invest in Professional Photography:  A professional headshotcan be the difference between being seen as an industry veteran or a $10-an-hour novice. For as little as $100, you can get a professional image that you can use multiple places:  your Facebook Page, your website, your business cards, your LinkedIn profile, your email signature--just to name a few.    

  • Be Consistent with your Brand: Do your business cards, website, and Facebook Page have a similar look and feel? What about your marketing emails? (We can help you there! Please see the Constant Contact Corner below.)
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Maureen Dudley enjoys writing, ballroom dancing, and jazz music. A travel aficionado, she has zip-lined in Mexico, explored an Egyptian pyramid by flashlight, and slept in a 12th-century Austrian castle. Her company, Dudley & Nunez Communications, specializes in helping clients nationwide with Constant Contact. Her monthly small business newsletter, Maureen’s Marketing Moment, is read worldwide. (Sign up by clicking here.) Maureen offers complimentary 30-minute Constant Contact consultations. Reach her at (916) 759-6977 or 

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