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Are Your Email Lists VIP-Centric?

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Are Your Email Lists VIP-Centric?

Are Your Email Lists VIP-Centric? | Vikram Rajan{Read in 4:15 minutes} Email marketing is convenient and efficient. Yet, efficiency & effectiveness are often counter to one another. Meaning, as something is more efficient, the less effective it often is. Very often the most effective forms of marketing aren’t a very efficient use of time or resources. However, quality time spent with VIP relationships often pay even greater dividends (than mass blasting, for example).


I was asked a great question last week by a new referral relationship: “How do you help clients grow their email lists?” It’s actually not about increasing the quantity, but rather increasing the quality of the email list, I told him.


It’s more important to have segmented lists, and small lists, to send tailored articles and other types of email messages. This is better than mass blasting and semi-spamming your whole list.

It’s easier to get 1 more referral from someone who has recommended you before, than to ever get that first referral from the hundreds of other people that barely know you. People may come out of the woodwork, or choose us based on some random reason – a Google search result, or an email received at the right time (see previous article on this). But in terms of sustainable marketing, a VIP-centric approach is a lot better.


The more we treat our VIP like VIP, the more likely we will be a VIP to our VIP.


The simplest way to be a Very Important Person to your Very Important People is to drive business their way or to recommend them in some other way. However, that may not be their goal or function in their organization.


Would they appreciate a referral from you, even if you’re not in the position to recommend them business? Should you make introductions to other potential referral relationships? Maybe, maybe not. Introducing your VIP to people that do not benefit them could actually be more annoying to them. This could become time consuming for your VIP: They now have a social obligation to follow up, either to please you, to please them, or to save face. Now it’s taking up their precious time. Ironically you’ve become more of an annoyance than a VIP.


Who should be in your VIP list?

  1. The kind of clients you want more of.

  2. Clients with whom you exchange referrals. Those who refer multiple clients could be called VVIP: Very Very Important People!

  3. Media and Group leaders – People who bring people together are often in a position of influence and can recommend you in many ways;see my article on how to quickly identify these people via LinkedIn.

  4. Those with whom you share mutual clients, and other influential service providers & peers.

Going beyond a client’s professional interests and sharing personal interests with them could help develop a stronger relationship. The fact that you’re thinking of them, and their interests, and not just thinking about what’s in it for you, shows that you are a potential VIP to your VIP.

Who’s in your VIP-centric list according to those categories above? Have you actually written out those names so you can focus in on them & become a VIP to them?

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