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Are Your Employees Disengaged?

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Are Your Employees Disengaged?



A new study shows that 7 out of 10 employees are checked out or "actively hostile toward their employers".  That is not a good statistic.  So what can you do to ensure that your employees are not disengaged while at work?



Find out what engages your employees, not someone else's.   This is pretty straightforward. Find out what is going to keep your employees engaged.  You can look up what works for other companies, but if it isn't working for yours, you'll have to take another approach.


Recognize engagement as a moving target, and check back often.  Research has shown that engagement can change daily.  You'll want to mix up how you ensure they are engaged.  You don't want it to become stagnant and then have the opposite of your desired goal.


To check out the other points and the rest of the article, read "Disengaged Employees? Do Something About It".

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Re: Are Your Employees Disengaged?

Find out what motivates your employees like an award. Recognition and praise attracts. Employees want the company cares for them as a person. The organization must encourage their activities and takes their opinion into consideration. This makes them feel important.