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Are you striving for the gold in your business?

Are you striving for the gold in your business?

With the summer Olympic Games just within site, it's a good time to discover what we as business owners can learn from olympians.


Being a professional athlete is hard work.  It's takes a lot of time, money, diligence, hard work and undying spirit to keep your dreams for gold alive all the while never knowing if anything will come from your efforts.


The same can be said of business owners.  I am sure some days you may feel like all the efforts you put forth in your business may not payoff the way you dreamed.  But I think the key here is to keep the dream alive and never to give up. 


Now many business owners have kept their spirits alive despite the dwindling economy, but others have let the economy and other factors become an excuse as to why they should give up their dreams of building a successful business .

During challenging times, when you aren’t sure what direction your business will take, remember to stay positive and believe in yourself and your business.

Many Olympians struggle to afford their training, have little money to support themselves, but they find support through alternative methods to keep going. They believe in their abilities and continue to strive for gold.

If you are looking to keep your dream alive, but need some direction as to what step to take next why not lean on a mentor or coach for direction like the Olympians do?

“If at first you don’t succeed try try try again”

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