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Ask yourself these 7 questions…

CTCT Employee

Ask yourself these 7 questions…


A recent article on the Duct Tape Marketing Blog went over the “7 Guiding Questions for Business Success.” These are great questions that you should be asking yourself about your business to help it succeed. 


A few of these questions stood out to me from this article.  The first three questions – Where are we, where are we going and why are we going there, are ones you would think you already have answers for.  In fact, you probably answered them before starting your business.  As the article shows though, these are questions you still need to be asking.  The market is ever-changing and your customers/consumers/clients are as well.  In order to be successful these are questions that should be asked more.  You probably already know where you stand, and where you want to be, but have you thought about the why?  This great question can help to define one of the other questions on this list – How are you going to get there. 


One of the other questions that really made me think is #4, what values will guide us.  I love this question!  It is almost like a reminder that when you are forging your way through the market, that you also need to think about morals and ethics (and not just think about them, stick to them). 


Read the full article here:  7 Guiding Questions for Business Success by John Jantsch


What do you think of these questions?  Have you asked these questions lately?