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Asset Based Lending

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Asset Based Lending

Capital Business Credit (CBC)

The availability of working capital is vital to the operations of any business enterprise. Lack of sufficient capital has been identified as the most common factor that contributes to the collapse of businesses. More money is also required for taking advantage of expansion opportunities but with Asset based lending the business loan is secured by collateral. When a company applies for an asset based loan, the assets of the company have to be valued. This valuation is used to determine the size of the loan that can be approved for the company. The assets of the company are simply use as collateral for the amount of money that is borrowed.

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Re: Asset Based Lending

How does one go about rendering a valuation based on the number of registered purchasers of a software product?

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Re: Asset Based Lending

I would take a look at David's blog for some of the answers to your questions on Valuation of software subscribers.


Also, Quora has some great threads too on the subject.


What should be the annual revenue of a SaaS startup to receive a valuation of over 1 Billion Dollars… 3 Answers: on @Quora