Automate Your Email Marketing

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Automate Your Email Marketing

Automating your email marketing is easy to do.  You start by creating a series of messages, and then schedule them in your autoresponder. 

When a customer makes a purchase or signs up for one of your mailing lists the series of automated messages (autoresponders) you created for Corporate Bckgd.jpgthat list will be delivered at the time you designate.  That’s all there is to it. Autoresponders can consist of newsletters, invitations, coupons, promotional offerings, and more.


An automated email marketing system provides everything you need to design, send, and monitor your email marketing campaigns. Create vibrant, attractive messages with any of our ready-to-go HTML templates or design your own.  


Don't forget about building your mailing list. Building your amiling list is as easy as creating a sign-up form with our web form generator, settng up  our Facebook application, QR Code generator or one of many, many other ways.


You also want to measure your campaigns performance.  Robust reporting tools measure the effectiveness of your emails with analytics on who opens, reads, and responds to your campaigns. By knowing your campaign's analytics you will become a much more effective email communicator. 


Autoresponders are the holy grail for email marketing. Create your automated emails, enter them into the autoresponder, schedule them and wallah! Your automated email responds whether you are working or not. 


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