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Autoresponders are Awesome!

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Autoresponders are Awesome!

I knew we had Autoresponders.  I knew the could be used effectively.  I just couldn't figure out for myself how to use them.  In September I finally figured out a series of responders that I knew would help me to help my clients better.  I created a series of 5 videos showing "new to Constant Contact" clients how to get around our dashboard.  Here are my tips on using Autoresponders successfully. 


  1. Decide on a series that will help you meet a business goal.

One of the goals I had in business is to teach others how to use tools I know are helpful. I felt like the dashboard was pretty simple to use and start, but I found many people were just unable to start to put together their first email because they found it overwhelming. I also knew that I wanted to use video's to show them.  A video series showing them would meet my goal of teaching others as soon as possible so they don't have to wait on a workshop. 


2. Decide how many should be in your series.


I knew up front that I wanted a short series since it is an introduction.  Many small workshops were several hours long but I figured I probably spent about an hour with most attendees.  Successful videos I reviewed were one hour long.  I knew I would never watch an hour long video - but broken up into ten minute videos was more reasonable.  So my first thoughts was six ten minute videos.  Then I considered that the work week was only 5 days and I thought that sounded like a more reasonable length for an introduction.  A person could start watching the series on a Monday and by Friday they should have been able to create an email.  (The videos you might consider might need more or less so really consider your goal and topic). 


3. Decide how often should your series be sent


I knew I was working with people excited to get started with Constant Contact and if they were on a trial I wanted them to not have to wait through the entire trial for a once a week email.  In my instance I decided that once a day would work better.  People wouldn't have to do the videos every day but they had the links and could go through the video's at their own pace.  If my series were to be a drip campaign about social media tips - once a week might have worked better.  Deciding how often to send really depended on the goals I set and how timely the message needed to be.  



Once you have those three items decided on; get started.  I created my first email to get the right look and feel and then copied that template to the 5 in the series.  My next step was to record my videos and write the introduction text.  i sent it to a few people to review prior to opening it to clients. By making sure that I had set goals and set the parameters up front I felt like I had a successful series.  The proof came when I got my first email from a new client sent from her Constant Contact account; she was very excited and ready to put together her first campaign.


Last point: Set the expectations!


I told people the goals I have for them to learn the dashboard.  I also told how often they will hear from me for this video series.  Setting up the expectations for the number of emails up front was important for me so people knew they would only get the daily email for a short while.  It was not signing up for endless promotions. 


What Autoresponders have you tried?  What goals might be met by setting up one of your own?  Let me know.  

Ellen McDowell
Ellen McDowell - Your Social Butterfly
Master Certified Solution Provider