Avoiding Bad Subject Lines

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Avoiding Bad Subject Lines

email.jpgYour email subject lines should be short, clear and give a general idea as to the content of the email. Certain words like ‘FREE,’ using only capital letters or even exclamation points should be avoided since these tend to trigger the recipients spam filter and you’ll find that by repeatedly using the same subject lines, your open rates will decrease over time.


Here are a few tips for avoiding bad subject lines.


  • Keep characters to 50 or less.
  • Avoid words like free, help, % off, save, today, don’t miss, last chance, donate and reminder.
  • Personalizing subject lines with the recipient’s name will not improve open rates.
  • Avoid internet slang like LOL, adorbs, etc.
  • Without being too wordy, let the reader know what your email is about.
  • Avoid spelling errors (this happens more than you think and just makes you look unprofessional).
  • Don’t deceive readers with Fwd: or Re: or with a subject line that misleads them about your email content and with that said, give your readers quality and relevant content so that they will be sure to open any future emails from you.

To improve open rates, be sure your readers know what they are signing up for at the first step. Let them know what to expect from you in your emails and stick to it!

For a great list of suggestions from Constant Contact, click here.

Lindsey Phipps
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