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Be Consistent and Persistent to Succeed

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Be Consistent and Persistent to Succeed

Flower Growing in Desert.jpgI received a follow-up email today from a salesperson who sent me an unsolicited email last week promoting mailing list services. Since I didn’t respond last week she thought I deserved a second try. I respect that and I just might respond this time. Honestly, I can’t tell you how many times a salesperson has given up after sending me one email or leaving one voicemail. Sadly, it’s the norm.


This post isn’t about selling per se, but rather about why people shouldn’t be random or give up. In our history there are but a few great accomplishments that were achieved after a single try. Why should your business be any different?

If you really want to be successful in your business there are two essential traits that you must embody: Consistency and Persistence.


Let’s first talk about consistency. A key reason people believe what they hear on the news without giving it much thought is because the news is consistent. It’s on at the same time every day and often delivered by the same people. Seeing that familiar face over time starts building trust. Once trust is established, decisions can be made based on it.


If you are marketing your business through the use of email marketing, be consistent. Send out your newsletter when you said you will whether it’s once a day or once a month. And, include the content you said you would whether that’s coupons or helpful information. Just like the daily news if you keep it up your subscribers are going to start trusting you more and more. That will lead to business.


This approach also works for using social media. Post on your Facebook Page regularly, reply to all Comments, and share what people want and expect from you. If you’ll do this, you’ll steadily see your Facebook Likes grow. That will lead to business.


Another way this works is by being early for appointments. If you consistently show up early each and every time you meet someone you’ll gain respect, trust and admiration. Who doesn’t want that? Lastly, do what you say you will. Be consistent in keeping your agreements. It will do wonders for your business.


Now, let’s address the power of persistence. If you’ll ask any very successful person if persistence had anything to do with their success, my guess is the answer would be a resounding yes. Where I believe persistence plays a crucial role is in sales, innovation and staying power.


Salespeople who go back to a prospect 5, 6, even 7 times are statistically speaking much more likely to make a sale. Don’t ever give up after your first no unless the person is someone who clearly doesn’t need what you’re selling or was so mean you can’t bear to see them again. Although this did work for Sam I Am in Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham. Stick to prospects and you’ll make more sales.


Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb after his first try. No, the story goes that he actually failed 1,000 times. Yet he persisted until he got it right. When it comes to innovation in your company, how quickly do you give up in coming up with something new? When you have a vision for what you want to bring to market, don’t give up. Steve Jobs was like this and you know where it took him in terms of business success.


Staying power is your willingness to not give up despite difficult circumstances. My business was started in the throes of the mother of all recessions. Though it was very difficult in 2009 – I only hit 50% of my goal – I refused to give up. I had a vision that I would be much more successful. I’ve persisted and a few years later I’m far more successful. If I’d given up when it looked tough I’d have little to show for it. Now I’m building a business with a reputation and value in the marketplace.


If you want to be more successful than you are now, take a close look at how you’re using consistency and persistence in all facets of your business. Chances are you can apply more and gain more. Let me know how these traits have worked for you in the Comments.


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