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Be careful what you hope for…

Contributing Solution Provider

Be careful what you hope for…

you may not be willing to pay the price!


A client I worked with for approximately 20 years called me a few weeks ago and asked me “What’s going on?” I told him justDoubleVision.png tidying up my blog for next week’s publication. His response: “Oh, you’re one of those people who want to pontificate profusely on the flavor the week?


After a little more bantering back and forth, telling him I love to share what I learn, (which may have come from one of his projects), we set our next lunch date to continue our very friendly discussion.


In reality he knows how much I love what I’m doing and he misses the business life after the sale of his firm about 10 years ago. No offense, there is only so much bad golf or Chicago baseball to put up with day to day. I need to keep moving so the moss will not grow. Thank you Mick Jagger.


I went on a different path…


I truly love writing about my many experiences in building a small business and sharing my information. I get many ideas from the discussions I interact with in LinkedIn, (I’m in over 30 groups) as well as Twitter, which is my news and sport channel of preference.


Plus, I hear what other people in my profession are doing in their professional careers and see how I can apply an idea or two to my company or for my clients.


Returning back to my retired client, he earned his money as an air freight agent and owner of a messenger service in northern Illinois. I can’t remember the last time I had a messenger drop off something at our office. My client got out of the business at the right time. His industry was in the midst of change.


I’ve got some good reasons for you…


My client was a man who never believed he needed to plan. Unfortunately, it can be a struggle for most to actually build and learn from a plan.


Fortunately, I did build a plan with the help of a college professor and a local attorney. I was very fortunate that I did write, use and change the plan when needed.


I met many business owners that did not have a plan. I met other people whose revenue from a single customer was abnormally high and downright scary (one was about 70% of total company revenue). I’m not sure how anyone can sleep nights without one (a plan) or knowing one customer was 70% of company revenue.


Here are a few recommendations to help you stay in your game without hoping.


1. Plan – Plan- Plan.


2. Learn –Learn – Learn.


3. Evaluate – Evaluate – Evaluate.


4. As soon as you think you have it made, return and start with number 1.


Got questions regarding your marketing prowess? Do you wish it could be better? Does your boss want it to be better? How about your partner?


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Please share and let me know what you think.


Got a question? Get an answer. 800-251-3608


Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.


Mike Deuerling


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