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#BeAMarketer 3 Must Read Marketing Blog Posts

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#BeAMarketer 3 Must Read Marketing Blog Posts

Shopping with a mobile deviceAs a longtime digital marketer, I have always found that I learn best from the experience of others. It’s always better to learn the basics and get great ideas from those in the know first. Once you have that base, sure, feel free to break the rules.


Here are three blog posts I recently read that I feel are spot on marketing wise. They are simple, they make sense and they will help you improve your own marketing.


Digital Marketing:

8 Very Practical Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

by Jeremy Taylor

This comes from a UK digital marketer, but everything in here is spot on with ideas no matter your location. Don’t be thrown off by all of those British spellings. This guy knows what he’s doing. #8 is probably my personal favorite and one that we use all of the time at SouthDirekt. Read this blog post


General Marketing:

Use Case Studies to Show What You Can Do

by Roundpeg

There are few companies that I respect more than Roundpeg. They quite simply do great work. Here is a post they recently placed on the Community Blog that is near and dear to my heart – case studies. Admittedly, they are not for every business, but I love the case study concept. A great case study is simple, easy and fast to write and, if done well, holds true value in the mind of consumers. Read this blog post


Email and Social Media Marketing:

5 Steps to Engage and Retain New Customers with Email and Social Media

by Ryan Pinkham

I love digital marketing, obviously. Loving something and doing something well are completely different though. Here are a few tips that I preach religiously. You do not need to be on every social network, but you always need to provide value in all content marketing. Please, please read this post. Ryan Pinkham, the Content Manager at Constant Contact, is one of my personal favorite writers and this is one of his finest posts. Read this blog post


The key here in all of these posts is to never stop learning. Everyone has insights and a unique perspective. Collect information and utilize each nugget in context.


Of course, if you ever have a digital marketing question, feel free to email me.


Thanks for reading!

Jake Burns
An award-winning, Master Certified partner and is the founder of SouthDirekt, a Tampa-based internet marketing firm.