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Best Practices for Product Description Copy Writers

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Best Practices for Product Description Copy Writers

Writing excellent product descriptions is one of the most crucial skills a copy writer can possess. The sale is dependent upon the reader connecting with the product in either an emotional way or an inspirational way. Getting a customer to pay for a product when all that’s offered is a photo and a copy description seems intuitively easy, yet it isn’t.


What is it that makes people want to buy a product or service?


Lets assume you have your social media ducks all in a row. Getting to a product or service page indicates the patron has decided to trust you enough to look at your products, services, and prices.


While they have decided to consider you, that doesn’t mean they’ve committed to spend.


Remember that you are not really selling the product or service…. You’re selling the benefit your product or service can bring to a customer’s life.


You are selling how your service and product makes someone feel when used.


IF you can make that leap in understanding, you’re half way there.


Things to consider when writing copy for product descriptions:


  • Refrain from using standard phrases – “the worlds best” and “not your mama’s” are all used up. You know what the other ones are. Remember that catch phrases probably were once just extemporaneous words that MANY people related to. IF you use these too much you are associating yourself with another company’s product. That is the exact opposite of what you need to do.
  • Keep it short and precise – Reread your product description and task yourself with getting rid of all the extra words. The more understanding you can garner with a glance will translate into more sales. More words is not always more descriptive.
  • Emotions, emotions, emotions! – Add a sentence or a few adjectives explaining what positive emotion your product can bring into the customers life. Coffee makes you feel “energetic”. Maids help their clients feel “relaxed” at home. More computers are sold because people think they are “fun” than functional.
  • Remember who you are selling to – What is your demographic? Be honest not hopeful. Copy description focuses on obvious sales. Branding campaigns with unique copy can be generated for new niche sales.
  • Tuck the dimension and specs at the end – If you need to give physical dimensions for a product make sure it’s at the end of your paragraph. This info is for people who have decided to buy and want to make sure your product will fit into their home or space.
  • Avoid words that  can have multiple meanings – Someone will always misunderstand or get confused. Count on it. “cheap” is the obvious one. While people often use that word in Google searches, due to semantic broad term searches, it garners nothing for the product. Inexpensive will get you to the same place without making your product or service seem inferior.
  • List your price – Many companies want to leave their product or service costs off their site. This is a lost trust issue. Online shoppers tend to be hyper reactive to anything that smells fishy. If you think you are pulling a fast one over on a customer, you aren’t. No pricing listed either means its too expensive or varies so much you don’t want to promise anything. Neither of these options is good.
  • Offer Customer testimonials – I can’t stress how important this is. If you don’t have space  at a hyperlink to the information. Customers simply trust other consumers more than a you. That is a justified behavior.
  • Sales requires pride – If you don’t believe in a product you shouldn’t write a description for it. Authenticity is hard to define, yet easy to sense. if you don’t have it, you won’t close the deal.

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