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Better Email Marketing in Half the Time

Contributing Solution Provider

Better Email Marketing in Half the Time

dog kissing girl.jpgAs a Communications major in college, my professors taught me much:  always include the 5 W's in a press release,* be sure to do your research, don't use a big word if a small one will do.  

One concept, from my Comms 230 Intro to Advertising class, stands out the most: the KISS principle. What's that? It's short for Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Although I don't advocate calling yourself derogatory names, you would be wise to remember the KISS principle--especially with email marketing. 


How to Keep it Simple with Email Marketing 


Use less content:  The average reader spends less than 20 seconds on your email.  It's likely you could cut your content in half. With the content that's left, be sure to use white spacebullet points, and headlines. Remember your reader is likely scanning your email rather than devouring it word by word.


Don't always create . . . aggregate:  It's okay, even appreciated, when you publish the content of others. Just be sure to give proper attribution and consider including a link back to the original source.


Use an Email Service Provider:  An email service provider (such as Constant Contact) can save you time by providing professional templates, by allowing you to schedule emails ahead of time, and by helping you manage your contact lists.  And, of course, an email service provider will help keep you in compliance with the CAN-SPAM laws. 

To your success,


Dudley & Nunez Communications

*P.S. Just in case you're wondering, the 5 W's are Who, What, Where, When, and Why


Maureen Dudley enjoys writing, ballroom dancing, and jazz music. A travel aficionado, she has zip-lined in Mexico, explored an Egyptian pyramid by flashlight, and slept in a 12th-century Austrian castle. Her company, Dudley & Nunez Communications, specializes in helping clients nationwide with Constant Contact. Her monthly small business newsletter, Maureen’s Marketing Moment, is read worldwide. (Sign up by clicking here.) Maureen offers complimentary 30-minute Constant Contact consultations. Reach her at (916) 759-6977 or

Maureen Dudley
Dudley & Nunez Communications
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