Blog Content Ideas for Nonprofits

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Blog Content Ideas for Nonprofits

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Does your Nonprofit have a blog? Do you find yourself struggling with ideas to write about? Don't torment yourself about it. I found a post written by Nonprofit Tech for Good with 10 content ideas for you! Read on to find ones that jump out to you and get writing those blog posts today!


  • Share resources that are relevant to your cause. Set up a RSS feed for other blogs and news articles that are related to your cause. Take what someone else has written and give it your own spin on how it relates to you. 
  • Do you accept donations? Of course you do! Show how those donations are impacting your nonprofit. Write a post about how a recent fundraiser brought in X amount of dollars and how it's going to be allocated. Donors love to know how their money is being used.
  • Interview donors and volunteers and go behind the scenes. These are great ways to show the human side of your organization. Plus it can help you recruit more donors and volunteers. A Win-Win!

What type of content does your Nonprofit share on your blog? Share you blog with us below so we can all check it out!


To read the rest of the content ideas, check out "10 Blog Content Ideas for Nonprofits".

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