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Blog It - Don't Clog It

Solution Provider

Blog It - Don't Clog It

Use Your Words!

I have met so many entrepreneurs and development directors who want to provide a great amount of information to customers and donors in their email "newsletter" [I really hate that word!]


They will write for hours, paragraph after paragraph that is full of relevant key words about their business, industry, or charitable functions.  They will insert this delicious content into a campaign and send it to their subscribers.  


The sad truth is - this content is rarely ever read - by anyone!  


In today's digital landscape, your web site's ranking with search engines is crucial.  Search engines love fresh, rich content.  Blogging is an ideal tactic to help increase your site's ranking.  So USE YOUR WORDS, to benefit your SEO!  Rather than creating long articles for email newslettes that you want to send to your subscribers.  Add those articles to a blog on your website and allow them to benefit you with SEO, while you communicate to your base.  Be sure to have lead capture options on your blog page along with the ability to engage with your site, your social platforms and options to communicate with you directly either via phone, email or form submission.  If someone finds you on the web, make it easy for them to open up a conversation.

In today's digital culture, think of email as a conduit - not an end product. Like a delivery system, your email campaigns are now just the vehicle in which a message is delivered.   Because the majority of all emails are opened on a mobile device, they are reviewed in a much faster manner than ever before. The word is SKIM!  When a subscriber opens your email, they are going to SKIM the message.  You should be using a single column, mobile friendly template that will facilitate are more elegant experience and increase ease of use.  


Each topic in your campaign can then be truncated with a 'read more' hyperlink to your blog.  This will increase traffic to your site.  

It will also subconsciously educate your subscriber that your emails are a positive experience, one they are able to skim quickly for pertinent information.