Body Language Secrets


Body Language Secrets

How you present yourself as a Small Business owner is important! You’ve most likely read about how to network and introduce yourself but have you considered your body language? shared 15 Body Language Secrets of Successful People to help you out!

Here are the 15 more common body language blunders that you should avoid.


  1. Slouching: Did you know your brain is hardwired to equate power with the amount of space people take up? Standing straight up projects power.
  2. Exaggerated gestures: Focus on small gestures to indicate leadership and confidence.
  3. Watching the clock: This sends the message that you have better things to do.
  4. Turning away: Try leaning into the conversation or the person who is speaking.
  5. Crossed arms: Folding your arms is often comfortable but resists the urge in order to appear open-minded and interested.
  6. Inconsistency: Make sure your facial expressions and words match.
  7. Nodding: This can make you look anxious or indicate that you are agreeing with something you don’t understand.
  8. Fidgeting: Make sure the people you are talking to know that you are not more concerned in your appearance than your career.
  9. Avoiding eye contact: Lacking eye contact can indicate a lack of confidence.
  10. Eye contact that’s too intense: Americans on average hold eye contact for seven to ten seconds or longer when we are talking.
  11. Rolling your eyes: You can control it and it’s totally worth the effort.
  12. Scowling: MRI’s show that the human brain responds better to a person who is smiling!
  13. Weak Handshake: Adapt your handshake to every person you meet.
  14. Clenched fists: This can make people nervous to talk to you!
  15. Getting too close: Make sure you give people enough “personal space” when you’re talking to them.

Check out more on each tip by reading the full article by Travis Bradberry.

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