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Brand It! Stand Out on Social Media with Branded Visual Content

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Brand It! Stand Out on Social Media with Branded Visual Content

Small businesses are small fishes in an ocean of social media opportunity. As of September 30, 2015, Facebook reported 1.55 billion monthly active users (Facebook). There are more than two million active advertisers on Facebook (Feb. 2015, Facebook for Business). And that’s just Facebook! Bottom line, it’s a noisy place out there. A lot of content zips by the eyes of those browsing their social newsfeeds.


If your content catches the attention of social media browsers and those viewers hit the “share” button (or retweet, or repin, or …), you want to be sure your content carries your brand as it travels the socialsphere. It’s actually pretty easy to do, once you’ve completed three easy preparatory steps.


  1. Get a copy of your logo with a transparent background (very important: it should not be white). It should be a .png or .jpg file. If you’re not sure what that means, consult a graphic designer to assist.
  2. Be sure your website URL is incorporated into the logo design so you can be found online later.
  3. Save the logo file to an easily accessible folder on your computer. 

Now you’re all set to brand your visual content! The examples below demonstrate how easy it is to add your logo to visual content.


Step One: Upload your image to a photo editing tool. I have a few in my toolbox, to include Photoshop, Canva, and PicMonkey. In this example, I’m using the free/low-cost app BeFunky. I have uploaded a picture that I took with my mobile phone, applied a filter and created a quote card. Now I’m ready to add a logo to the image. To do so, I’m going to click on the “Graphics” option (green arrow) and “Add Your Own” (red arrow). That will open a window where you can navigate to your logo file and select it.


Brand It Step One.png


















Step Two: Your logo will appear on the image. Use the pull handles to resize it (be sure to hold down the “shift” button while you click & drag to maintain proper proportions). Move it to where it is visible but does not detract from the rest of the image. You can adjust the opacity (red arrow) of the logo so it’s a little more understated.


Brand It Step 2.png


Step Three: Save to your computer or just share to your social media sites. (See the finished, branded image.)


Now, wherever your beautiful visuals appear in the socialsphere, your logo is tagging along and increasing your brand awareness with every view!


Cre8vely Yours,

April Signature SM.png




April Keating, a military spouse entrepreneur and mom of two young boys, is the owner & founder of social media and email marketing firm Cre8ve Content Co. April is an expert with Constant Contact products and holds a Master Certification as a Solution Partner. She also is a member of the Washington, DC metro area Constant Contact Authorized Local Experts team. Click here to subscribe to April's monthly Cre8ve Chronicles newsletter.