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Branding Power: Using Video to Extend your Reach

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Branding Power: Using Video to Extend your Reach

It has been said that every day, you are either gaining market share or losing market share. Even if you are not changing strategies, the forces around you are. There are competitors that want what you have. I

t is why I spend so much time discussing the various issues regarding online marketing.



Right now is a critical time to decide on your video marketing future. Branding with video is the next huge phase of online marketing and before you dismiss it as too complicated or costly, let’s take a closer look at why it is so important.


It makes sense. People are using the Internet to routinely access video content. From movies to television shows to videos of their children, the Internet has become the go-to place to share videos. Online video content is a mainstay in our daily lives, made possible by better bandwidth and devices.


It tells a story like no other vehicle. Video marketing gives you the opportunity to share images, sound and words to tell a story that can reach deep into emotions. It moves people to action. Since marketing is ultimately about relationships, it can help effectively build those relationships.


People are searching the Internet through videos. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. According to YouTube, people are connecting their videos through social media as well. Almost 17 million user accounts have linked videos to social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. This is creating a vast web of searchable video data.


It is easier than you may think. You do not need extraordinary amounts of equipment, software or skills to produce effective videos. Ever see a four-year-old with an iPad? They will play and play until they figure it out. That’s all you need to do with your videos. If you want help, it is certainly out there. We like for one. “FAME," as they are called, can help create professional video content for you, or they can help you create your own.


With Facebook introducing 15 second videos for its Instagram product, large marketers and companies are diving into video marketing headfirst. The good news is that the Internet is democratized to the point that small and medium sized businesses can take equal advantage. You can use videos to tell your story, tell a story of a satisfied customer, demonstrate a product or show the dramatic differences your product or service can make. It is time to get creative and get into video marketing. Branding with video marketing is not just for the big boys. You can start by creating your own online brand channel at YouTube.


Get in the game and start using video marketing to propel your business. You may even enjoy the process!

April Heavens-Woodcock
Chief Buzz Officer at Touching Clients, LLC
Constant Contact Business Partner and Authorized Local Expert