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Budget Friendly Perks To Show Employee Appreciation

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Budget Friendly Perks To Show Employee Appreciation

Constant Contact was legitimately the best company I ever worked for before I went off on my own to start my agency, Leave it to Lindsay. As my agency grows, there are dozens of employee perks that I will offer my employees modeled after my experience as an employee at Constant Contact.


Morning Emails

Every morning the facilities manager (who was absolutely hilarious) would send a "good morning" email around 9am everyday to the entire company. He would share industry related headlines to keep everyone informed, a fun fact about the day (i.e., today is national hot dog day!), and then share employee birthdays/anniversaries with the company. 

Total Cost: $0

Time Commitment: 5 minutes * 5x week


Employee Welcome Gift

Looking back to my very first day at Constant Contact, I remember being shown my desk and seeing a large basket wrapped up in blue ribbon. It was a huge basket of office supplies as a welcome gift on my first day! There were pens, a staple,  sticky notes, paper clips, and even a pack of M&Ms! What a great first impression!

Cost: Office supplies less than $20 & a short walk into your office supply room.

Time Commitment: 10 minutes


15 Minute Massages

I think it was one day a month that I would also receive an email saying "The massage therapist will be here from 10am to 3pm. Enjoy a 15 minute massage on us & sign up outside of the break room."

Average cost for a 1 hour massage: $60

Time commitment: 1 phone call to a local massage therapist with a proposed date & 1 calendar invite/email to employees.


Yoga Classes

Namaste! Constant Contact is a huge believer in a work/life balance so I wasn't surprised during my time there that they offered free yoga classes during the day! Every month, a yoga instructor would set up a replica yoga studio in a conference room.

Average yoga class cost: $30

Time commitment: 1 phone call to a local mechanic with a proposed date & 1 calendar invite and email to employees.


Another perk that I’m sure my female readers could relate to, is a day dedicated to car maintenance!


Car Inspections & Oil Changes

I'm about 95% sure that I'm driving around with a tire that is about to pop because I'm low on air & about 3,000 miles overdue for an oil change (I'm sure my female audience can relate). I tend to avoid that embarrassing moment when you have to ask someone at the gas station for help because this isn't your area of expertise and because I simply don't have the time to get it done because I'm working!


Call a local mechanic & ask if they will come by for the day to take care of your employees vehicle needs.

Average oil change cost: $30

Time commitment: 1 phone call to a local mechanic with a proposed date & 1 calendar invite and email to employees.


Do you offer similar perks at your company? Share them with me below and help me grow this list of fun company incentives!

Lindsay Joy Higgins
Leave it to Lindsay
Master Certified Solution Provider