Building Stronger Relationships


Building Stronger Relationships

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A recent article on the NonProfit Marketing Blog talks about some ideas from fellow fundraisers.  The article highlights what one person is doing differenlty and what is getting in the way of someone else.  This article has some great ideas!  


The first idea shared is sending welcome packets to new donors and having an onboarding program for them.  This idea is amazing!  Who wouldn't love to get a welcome packet and have someone reach out to them throughout their time with the organization.  This process can be used across many different organization types, and even outside of non profits.  


The second idea shared is that there is too much to do in a day and not enough time.  We've all been there, right?  There are always going to be time sensitive projects and projects that are needed in the future.  I have found that to help myself with this issue I write out an agenda for the day with things I need to get done, things I would like to get done, and if there's extra time, other long-term projects to work on. 


Do you have a welcoming plan, an onboarding process, or time management tactics? Share your ideas here!  


Read the full article here

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