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Busy Busy Busy...

Busy Busy Busy...

As a small business owner, your shoulders are tugged all day long with issues a-z.

I am a  happy constant contact user with a meaningful understanding of the do's and don't ( or at least I think I do). So when 5 o'clock rolls around I am mentally exhausted to refine, create and invest in the abundance of tools offered by CTCT.  So I am actively looking for an outside service that can refine my marketing strategies.  Social integration, newletter creation etc...    Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Thanx in advance




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Re: Busy Busy Busy...

Welcome to the board Fern,


B2B can be a challenge for sure. Do you go to a lot of trade shows?  What is your primary method of finding new interested customers?


I had no idea those machines were so easy to use these days.  I'd love to get one of those ink jets for my car club.


You can check out the Marketplace link at the top of the page to look for Solution Providers to help with your quest.  There are many that post here as well.


My sons went to CSUF too.  Go Titans!!


Tony Schaefer
Email and SMS Marketing Specialist



Re: Busy Busy Busy...

Hi Tony,


Thanks for your reply.. And I will address in order


Trade shows.  We do 2-4 per year.  I am governed by territory so I need to spend my dollars on local action and these shows put a 200-300 lead injection into my list. 

 Knowing that I do a couple of shows per year the area for improvement will be via web, blogs, emails etc.   And this is the area I feel needs to be addressed.  It appears your company specializes in these needs?

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Re: Busy Busy Busy...



I certainly would enjoy the opportunity of speaking with you to see if I can help.

Using the Private Message tool here seems to be a little obscure for most users so may I suggest that you send me an email with a good time that we can speak. 


I am located in southern California so I think we are on the same time zone.


Drop me a line at

Tony Schaefer
Constant Contact Solution Provider and SMS Marketing Specialist


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Re: Busy Busy Busy...

Hi Fern, Just saw your post - it seems you have similar challenges most of my clients have. As a marketing services firm that specializes in marketing for small businesses, I help my clients figure out where to spend their time, effort and money. Please visit for more info and contact details. I look forward to hearing from you! Regards, David Fischer 914-533-7226
David Fischer
Solutions for Growth
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Re: Busy Busy Busy...

Hi Fern:


I would love to share your experience in your search, and how you ended up.



Jim Lefkowitz
Cutty and Powers
Strategies, Technology and Creative Design