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Can you repeat that?

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Can you repeat that?

I was on a weekly Women's Prosperity Network's  “Wow Wednesday” call not too long ago  and was reminded that no matter how many times I have heard something before, someone is probably hearing it for the first time (or perhaps it is sinking in for the first time).  The topic was “Your Network Determines Your Net Worth” with Martha Cooper Hudson.  In the discussion she said some of the best advice she ever received was – “If you work your business like a hobby then it will pay you like a hobby; but, if you work your business like a full time job, then it will pay you like a full time job.”  I nodded as she said this because I have heard this many times from a few of my mentors. As I continued to listen as I realized some people on the line had not heard that aphorism prior to the call (or they had not realized the truth of the statement).


Can-you-repeat-that.pngThis relates to your  email and social marketing efforts because you shouldn't  put out on your emails or social media ideas just once.  Someone who needs to hear your message will miss it the first time (or even the second or third time). Don't worry about repeating a post at a different time, sending a few email reminders or otherwise reiterating the point you are making or offer you are presenting. Just this morning I set up an email notice about an event at the end of this month.  I scheduled for it to be sent more than one time and used the new "Schedule Posts" to post many times on social media.  Someone may see it the second post – someone may see it the fourth time. I have a much better chance of emailing it several times and posting as well to catch someone at the time they are ready to register for the event.  A couple of months ago I presented a Lunch and Learn on LinkedIn Profiles.  A week after the event someone I am connected to through networking and on social media told me “You should present a workshop about LInkedIn!”  I asked them if they had not seen my posts regarding my lunch and learn?  Somehow they missed them even though I know I posted links several times.  Note to self – several posts may not be enough to get your message out to the one person who needs to hear it. 


So to review my point again – feel free to repeat yourself.  One post is not enough.  Having your offer sit somewhere hoping people will know you have it because you told them about it once is not a marketing campaign.  Feel free to repeat yourself.


Note: This blog is an adaptation from a post originally posted on my personal blog a few weeks ago - but I felt it was worth repeating.  

Ellen McDowell
Ellen McDowell - Your Social Butterfly
Master Certified Solution Provider