Capitalizing on Business During Major Winter Snow Storms

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Capitalizing on Business During Major Winter Snow Storms

When a snow storm or a blizzard rolls into a region. Many small to medium businesses take a substantial financial lost for a day or somtimes even more, because they need to close early or the entire day for the well being of safety. There are several marketing strageties where businesses can leverage the use of email marketing during inclement weather. Take advantage of utilizing Social Media vehicles. Review posts to see which businesses are booming during inclement weather. Keep a strong presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. When people are snowbound they will be engaging on some type of Social Media. 


This past week when I was home working in my office, during the "Blizzard. I was online reviewing my LinkedIn connections and ready various business owners post and the same routine on Facebook.  When ever any type of storm hits an area. There are always opportunites to market and capitalize on certain industries during inclement weather. 


I had reached out to one of my LinkedIn connections who was promoting his services during the "Blizzard". I sent him an email and expressed there is a golden opportunity to reach out and follow up with his customers after the storm by using email marketing. My prospect was very pleased how I had connected with him during the storm. Later, in the afternoon I had received a phone call from his Marketing person. We had discussed and mapped out some marketing strageties to determine what type of email campaign could be created. 





Another advantage of email marketing during inclement weather. Businesses owners can send out an email announcing their store or restaurant will be closing early or being closed. This keeps the communication with customers and adds a personal touch to a business. 


Retail establishments who have a website with a shopping cart can capitalize by offering a special promotion with online shopping. Business owners can generate a quick short email about a "special SNOWSTORM promotion". It's another way of generating sales from around the world even though your physical location may be closed due to inclement weather. 


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If your business has a sales team working remotely, ask them to review their customer data base. This is an excellent time to follow up with people by picking up the phone or sending a quick email. 




Leverage in using all of the Social Media vehicles by engaging with customers online. Create a special "SNOW" promotion on Facebook. Ask consumers questions what are their favorite products or services about your business. Send out a few tweets with a "SNOW" promotion. Even know your location maybe closed, because of inclement weather. Engaging on Social Media gives business owners an opportunity to still communicate with customers and prospects and possible generate some business. 




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