Caution! Slow Down! Take it Easy When Joining Facebook Business Manager

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Caution! Slow Down! Take it Easy When Joining Facebook Business Manager

stress-reduction-concept--rel-81234536.jpgWhat is the Facebook Business Manager?


The Facebook Business Manager is described by Facebook as a newer, more secure way to manage your Facebook pages and advertising accounts. If you manage many different pages and need different settings for different pages, then this may be something to consider. It will allow you to manage who has access to your pages and ad accounts and set different permissions for each.

Who uses the Facebook Business Manager?


Individuals who find themselves managing multiple pages and various advertising campaigns for different pages would be interested in exploring the Business Manager.  If, for example you manage several pages and are running advertising campaigns for different companies and want each company's advertising to be associated with their own credit card instead of all ads being connected to your own credit card then this is a good option for you.


What do I need to know before I get started?


  1. It is different. Very different. It looks different.  Be prepared to spend a little extra time learning your way around. If you are over-confident and jump in without the time to explore, you will find yourself frustrated and looking for a way out.
  2. No easy way out.  Speaking of getting out, if you get into the Business Manager and set your company's page as the primary page, then it will be very close to impossible to remove yourself.  Is it possible? Yes, of course. Is it easy? Not necessarily.  So when you are ready to get in, be ready!
  3. No halfsies! When you decide to get into the Business Manager, commit to being "all-in".  You do not want to be half-way working in Facebook and half-way working in the Business Manager.  Add all of your pages and create an ad account for all of the pages for which you advertise. 

Facebook Business Manager

See this short, informative video describing the Business Manager. 


We have found the Business Manager to be very helpful since we manage many, many accounts and have advertising campaigns running for several different companies we want to have individual ad accounts which keeps all the analytical tracking for the ads separated by account.  In situations like this, it is a great tool. However, if you are not managing many pages or ad accounts then this is likely not something you would be interested in.



So,  if you're ready to dive in then have fun!  Set aside some time to get in and explore.  To get started, simply go to and get going.  You'll want to explore the settings, add pages, add ad accounts and then if you have social media managers you can add your socia media managers to each page.  BUT, before you do that, first run through a training session with them because the first thing they'll see is something different.  


If you have had experiences with the Business Manager or have questions, comment below!

Thanks for reading!

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