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Changes to Facebook Timeline: Managing Pages, Tabs and Apps

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Changes to Facebook Timeline: Managing Pages, Tabs and Apps

The amazing content team here has been adding new information to the Social Media QuickStarter to help you with your new Facebook Pages and all the changes that have been introduced lately.


The first chapter - Timeline for Pages - talks about the newer look and feel of pages, choosing a cover photo, pinning posts, adding milestones, etc.


The second new chapter - Managing Timeline Tabs and Applications - discusses positioning and naming the new tabs.


A question we've gotten already is "How does this impact my JMML - join my mailing list - tab?"  There are two approaches we've found. First, you'll definitely want to have this as a tab (discussed in the Managing Timeline Tabs and Applications chapter).  This will display your JMML app in the tabs at the top of the page. DO THIS! :smileyhappy:


For anyone looking for an extra boost, you can try a secondary approach - pin the JMML url as a status update (pinning is discussed in the Timeline for Pages chapter).  Pinned posts only last for 7 days, so after that you'd want to pin something else of interest to your audience or pin this post again. 


The links to the chapters will give you all the step by step instructions.


To understand the difference in pinning vs. tabs, I relate this to something I like to do a lot - cooking.


The tab is a "set it and forget it" type approach, kinda like a crock pot.  You put good ingredients in, you get a good meal out. This is easy and satisfies your hunger.  It's there each week and something that you barely need to think about -  and it will help you grow!!  If you like tinkering and following your own recipe for success, I'd try spicing your page up every now and then. Pin the URL some weeks and add something else other weeks - some people respond to variety. 


What does your audience respond to?  What method is bringing you success? We'd love to know here! Please share your feedback on what's working or your thoughts on the changes Facebook has made.

Rosalind Morville