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Chocolate Chip Email Marketing

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Chocolate Chip Email Marketing

Building Aspirations - Chocolate Chip Email MarketingChocolate Chip Email Marketing by Mark MikelatBuilding Aspirations


You need chocolate chip email marketing. Chocolate chip cookies are powerfully magical. They are more than just lumps of sugar, batter, and chocolate chips. They illicit emotion, love and connectedness. Do you remember when your scrapped knees became magically pain-free when mom's triage was performed with a glass of milk and a chocolate chip cookie? Your email marketing should have the same power as that of a chocolate chip cookie.  


Connect with Your Market  


Your market wants to connect with you. They want a chocolate chip cookie experience. They want something fun, and pleasurable. Shouting 'Buy my stuff' at them does nothing to build rapport. Speak to how they can benefit. Speak to how your products can make their problems go away. People want to know that you care about them, and that you can provide them a cookie to make everything better. Provide them messages that are sweet and full of goodness. Provide them a chocolate chip cookie experience.


Provide them the Cookie They Like  


Now, one might suspect that if one cookie were good, ten would be ten times better. But, alas, this is not the case. While economists refer to this as the law of negative returns, most simply refer to this as gluttony, and it provides no benefit, except perhaps to the person who sells stomach ache medicine. So, provide your email reader very few offers, or in the best case, just one offer. Providing somebody dozens of offers will result in a headache, just as too many cookies will result in a stomach ache.  


Wrap Your Cookies Simply  

Imagine that you were excited to receive a cookie and it was packaged. You tackle the package with the vigor of a hungry lion. You claw and claw at the packaging and it will simply not open. It seems to be made of some type of impenetrable material. Eventually, you give up trying to open the package, even though you desperately want the cookie. This is analogous to a confusing email marketing message. You must make it easy for your clients and customers. Tell them to click. Tell them to call. Make it very obvious what the phone number is. Anything that represents any type of barrier or obstacle is a threat to your success. And a confusing email campaign can be just as perplexing and discouraging as an iron-clad cookie package.  


Embrace the Cookie-ness  



And, most importantly embrace the cookie-ness. Focus on the cookie experience. Remember, what it really is. It is more than a snack, or a desert, it represents much, much more. Just like a song from your childhood can bring back a flood of pleasant memories, the first bite of a chocolate chip cookie can trigger an equally powerful feeling. Your email messages need to tap into this cookie-ness. Do not market your products. Market the cookie-ness of your products. Focus on how it will make your subscriber feel. Your message can be clever, warm, light-heart, joy-filled, and your readers want this. They want the cookie-ness.  


Bake with love  


When you write your email marketing messages, think about chocolate chip cookies. Think about the connection to the joys of childhood. Think about your mom or gramma and the love she poured into these concoctions of delight. Your email marketing can achieve the same result. The technical requirements of an email are not keys to success, but rather the warm, soft, tasty gooiness. To really be successful in your email marketing, practice Chocolate Chip Email Marketing.  


Finally   Please embrace the Chocolate Chip Cookie strategy to heart and implement it for greater success in your small business marketing. If you have not yet started with email marketing, click here, register with Constant Contact and get started for less than $50 per month. If you need some business coaching to put it into action to get more clients, and increase revenues, visit this page to learn more about my personalized business mentoring program.

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