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Chrome quits Java, How does this affect you?

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Chrome quits Java, How does this affect you?



This is actually a breakup that has been in the works for quite some time over two years in fact. But, as of September 1, 2105 it is official Chrome and Java are no more. Changing browsers can feel wrong; everything is different, looks different, feels different, and don’t get me started on bookmarks. Java is one of those background programs you don't think much about. We’ve all seen the window pop up a million times asking for approval to run a Java Plug in, most of us authorize and move on without giving it a second thought.


If you are wondering what exactly Java is and how does this affect me the short answer is: Java is an object-oriented computer programming language commonly used to create interactive effects within web browsers.


The biggest disruption it seems is to people playing games online (guilty)! POGO sent out an email last week to members they knew were using Chrome letting them know they wouldn’t be able to play most of their games unless they changed browsers. Firefox is the most recommended alternate browser. Personally I don’t use Internet Explorer because of the regular security issues that come with it. This is also the reason for Chrome dropping Java. Java has been known for being a security risk, with half of all known malware attacks coming through Java.


Early Saturday morning in between loading the car for a marketing day trip with one of our clients, and tightening up loose ends for other projects, one of our contractors asked for FTP access to one of our in house projects. This isn’t something I typically have to handle myself but since it was a Saturday and it wasn’t necessary to rouse an employee from sleep on their day off; I spent a frustrating 30 minutes trying to get it done. Being distracted by the half dozen other things I was doing it took me longer that it should have to realize I was trying to accomplish it in Chrome and the error message I was ignoring in my haste explained it all. A Java Plug in was needed and Chrome was having none of it! Now my issue was easily solved by opening up Firefox, one of the browsers still supporting Java, logging in and authorizing access to our contractor. Getting use to this change is a whole other issue!


Some other notable programs are listed below that use Java plug-ins that could affect your business; most have already created a way to work around this so it won’t disrupt your daily operations. You can follow this link to the Citrix website for their recommended fix.


  • Blackboard (only the features listed below require Java)
              o Chat & Virtual Classroom tools (located under "Collaboration" in the Tools menu)
              o WebEq Math Editor located in the text box editor.  The rest of the text box editor is fine.
              o Uploading multiple files at once.  (Uploading single files and file attachments work fine.)
  • Citrix
  • GoToMeeting - also from Citrix
  • GoToWebinar - again from Citrix
  • The Wall Street Journal website,, uses Java for dynamic charts
  • SciFinder (formerly called SciFinder Scholar.  Java is required for structure drawings)
  • Stand Alone Apps: Doceri Desktop


At the end of the day it might not affect your constant daily browsing but it’s good to remember if you use any websites with interactive effects. Also, have a back up browser like Firefox installed if Java becomes necessary.


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Re: Chrome quits Java, How does this affect you?

It would happen one day or another. Java is practically extinted.

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