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Cleaning up email lists..Looking for advice

Cleaning up email lists..Looking for advice



The company I work for is a distributor of goods. We push out messages using CC to both our vendors and their customers. Which works really well for us.


However, I noticed that the vendor list needs to be cleaned up very badly. The problem in the past is that people were able to sign up on our website and used the honor system to tell us if they were a customer of ours or an end user. We have over 3,000 emails on our customer list and only about 1,000 customers. Clearly there is a problem. We want to use the customer list to share things that are sensitive to the customers and are not for public consumption. 


I was wondering if anyone had experience cleaning up these kinds of lists and had any best practices to share with me.


The thought I have is to actually call all of our customers and get updated information and start the list from stretch. It would be a  lot of work, but I think the cleanest way to achieve what I am looking for.


Open to suggestions!

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Re: Cleaning up email lists..Looking for advice

Hi Elizabeth,


The best thing I can suggest for cleaning up your list is to google search for a "list cleaning" company.  That will definitely go through the valid and non-valid email addresses.  So that would be a start for you at least. Then you could see which ones are actually valid customers.  I apologize that we don't have a way for you to do that through us.


Re: Cleaning up email lists..Looking for advice

Could you maybe send out an email to that list using constant contact. The invalid ones would bounce back and you can remove them.. You will still have to call the other ones that went thru but it would likely cut your list down if constant contact notified you of some of the invalid ones and the ones that people opted out of

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Re: Cleaning up email lists..Looking for advice

How about trying a survey or poll?  You could design it with questions that related to how they use your service or what they like most about your e-mail campaigns.  The second idea I had was to use the new feature (if I understand how it works) to find out who DOESN'T open their e-mails.  That again would give you a start.