Coming Soon: Ability to Sell Items on Pinterest and Instagram

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Coming Soon: Ability to Sell Items on Pinterest and Instagram


If your business is on Instagram or Pinterest you may have heard about them both releasing an option to allow your page to have the ability to sell.  A few weeks ago our own Natalie Denyse shared this information in her weekly video “Social Media News with Natalie”. If you don’t subscribe to that, definitely get on that! Her tips are quick and will help you get ahead with all things Social Media! Watch her video below:






Also, over on Business2Community you can learn “What to Know About (And How to Leverage!) Buyable Pins” for Pinterest.  Check out this article to truly understand the 5 Key Takeaways on what Buyable Pins are. For example,  price filters and how to take action.  Just as Natalie mentioned in her above video, now is the time to sit tight while these features are released, but you also have to start getting your visuals ready. Start pinning your items for sale and include the price and colors if possible. Use the best images you can. And don’t forget to use keywords. Everyone loves keywords and with Pinterests super easy search, you want to make sure your items are found.


Tell us, are you going to be selling items on Pinterest or Instagram? Share your pages with us so we can all follow you!

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