Concerned About Disruptive Advertising?

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Concerned About Disruptive Advertising?

Do Nothing – stay focused on your customer base and turn up the heat with your client acquisition program.

Know Your Buyer’s Journey. 

Who are the winners in this digital ad placement? Not the people who visit the websites for information or a purchase. They hate these **bleep** ads. However, the ad agencies, are raking in the cash.

What we have here is another form of a disruptive marketing model. You know, when ads are placed based on communication channels such as television, in social media and email. The advertisers hope to knockdown a few sales.

Here’s how to start building a better buyer’s journey.

Great marketing starts with an analysis of your current customers habits. If your company is like many small businesses today, you probably have a decent customer-centric marketing (CCM) strategy. Customers are at the center of all your marketing activities.

Next, using Google analytics or other data surveyor, start mapping a customer journey by upgrading and adding better customer profiles. Reminder, close to 20% of your contact list can change yearly.

After all, when using data analytics, the collected and reviewed data will help your team generate some new ideas on what a customer likes and buys.

If you feel your marketing team is lacking in this area, don’t feel alone. You may be lacking the right person. You should have a person who is a problem solver. One who is not afraid to test assumptions.

Try mixing old and new data, examine the balance of the data that you have, usually triggers a few marketing ideas. Even looking at existing customers and past customers behaviors, can add other changes to your customer profiles and segments.

The data collected provides you with a better picture of your buyer’s journey after each marketing program. Further, the data analysis increases the odds of selling sell more products and turning more prospects into customers.

Data analytics not only shows you how customers react to landing pages, email, social media messages, and even direct mail. The analysis may help you gather more ways to increase personalization accuracy. You may uncover additional ideas for future testing.

What ideas can a disruptive advertising program provide for future marketing activities? Not much.Personalization.jpg


Additional information for your thought process.

Personalizing direct marketing messages is still not in play in many companies, from the largest to the smallest customer count. This is a great opportunity to get a head start on your competitors. There are many ways to learn about your customers and prospects which can impact your marketing response in the right direction.

“Taking the time to listen to, talk to and understand your customer, can greatly increase your marketing results, customer acquisition and customer retention.”


Let other companies deal with disruptive advertising. Start working with your data with a focus of learning more about your customers. You’ll be way ahead of the companies that decided on using the disruptive advertising model.

Here’s another helpful post for additional ideas to capture more customers.

"There are many methods available to collect customer information."

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