Constant Contact, Easier Than Ever

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Constant Contact, Easier Than Ever

We all know that Constant Contact is THE go-to tool for keeping your past, present and future customers in the know about your exceptional products, services and your unique value.


But sometimes when it's time to sit down to "do my marketing" there's a tiny twinge of anxiety around getting it done right. Not everyone enjoys sitting in front of the computer screen, crafting and designing and writing and adjusting and testing and modifying. 


Luckily, Constant Contact has come up with an easy new editor. This tool takes the twinge out of tinkering with your campaign. The editing is very straight forward and equally flexible. Click and drag to add a block, click and drag to change the size of an element. Want to replace an image? Just drag the new image and plop in atop the old one. Over all, this new editor is made to reduce the number of clicks it takes to take your campaign from concept to launch.


As of this writing, anyone who opens a new trial of Constant Contact will have the benefit of using this new quick and easy editing tool. 


It's perfect for creating a simple message in just a few minutes. And it makes you look branded and terrific without having had to spend much time at all.  


Interested? Email me for more information.

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Re: Constant Contact, Easier Than Ever

I am agree. It's something you have to thing about before make the contract because is not ok for everyone.

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