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Content Marketing Made Illustrious Through Infographics

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Content Marketing Made Illustrious Through Infographics


Pinterest provides a terrific repository for the infographics I've developed for my content marketing portfolio. All you need is a compelling introductory sentence and then let the infographic do its work on your blog, website, social networks and email marketing.


You can recycle the infographic with different introductions that focus on various ideas presented in the infographic.


Make sure to include a link to your Pinterest library on your website, in your email signature and in your social network profiles.


My readers are more concerned about my content and they understand that I'm not a graphic artist. I do the best that I can do here and plan on improving this skill as new online tools become available such as Piktochart.


Here is the library of pins that I've been developing.  Maybe you can benefit from this concept as well.


John Bernardi

John J. Bernardi