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Cooking Up SPAM?

Participating Solution Provider

Cooking Up SPAM?

Spam.jpgNo, not Spam Ham!  Are you creating SPAM with your email marketing campaign by sending email to people you don't know or have a relationship with?  Perhaps you were getting ready to put together a campaign and have even purchased a list.  Clients and prospects often ask this question - Can I upload my purchased list into the system?  Then plain and simple answer is NO, NEVER.  


Constant Contact adheres to the strict rules of the CAN SPAM Act  and does not allow purchased email lists at all.  When a client or prospect tells me they've spent money to purchase a list and then are disappointed and frustrated that they can't upload it, I give them some advice.  Why not reach out to the people on the list one on one and introduce yourself and your company?  Make that initial contact and see if you can develop a relationship so you can get permission to add them to your list.  If you've invested the money, it's worth the call or direct, personal email.  Don't just throw your money away!  You just might create some great relationships by cold calling! Chances are, people will appreciate that you've taken the time to ask their permission.  Building trust and great customer experiences will lead to success.


The truth is, you want to create a list that is built on quality, not quantity.  Email marketing is based on relationships and in the end, you'll be creating better, stronger campaigns that actually produce results. 


If you have questions about your email marketing list, click here to review answers to this frequently asked question on Constant Contact's website.  You'll find different scenarios that might answer questions about your list so you can be sure it is permission based.  Remember to play by the rules and the rewards can be great!