Cool Tools: Google’s Todoist

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Cool Tools: Google’s Todoist

Cool Tools: Google’s Todoist


There are so many cool tools to use with email and social media marketing that one could get lost in the fray of which one to use.  As with most people I am listening to station WII-FM (what’s in it for me?).  I want to know that if I spend several weeks or a month learning a new platform or piece of software that it will, in the end, save me time, make my business money or give me the ability to be more efficient during my day to day routine. 


The most recent find that is making my work life more efficient is Google’s Todoist.  It is a to-do list combining 13 platforms into one list of things to do.  When my publisher told me about this I was apprehensive and needed some time to think about it.  Remember, I am looking for time savings or ways to make my time more efficient.  After downloading the app and putting it to the test, I’m sold.  Here’s why it is my pick.


I average 100-200 emails each day. On top of that, I receive about the same about of SPAM each day.  This drops my efficiency rating into the low category.  Having a tool to manage my email as a task is awesome for anything I need to research before I answer the email or just wait for a more opportune time to answer those emails.




Todoist allows me to set an email as a task.  I can identify the email in my Todoist as a task and put it in suspense for a later time.  The beauty of this is as I am reading through my emails, I can identify my tasks for a time when I can appropriately “answer the mail.” 


The really neat thing about this tool is you can use it in Gmail, Outlook, Windows, use it to identify a website task and on and on.  You can use it on your android, iPhone, iPad, etc., etc., etc.




Google has hit a home run with this application.  If you are like me and have multiple things going on at once this tool is for you.  So far I’ve only used it for Chrome and Outlook.  I found it easily integrates with these platforms and I can access that same to do list on my android phone. 


If you are an entrepreneur with more tasks than you have hands or bandwidth for, Todost is a great tool to help you be more efficient, make more money and save time.  You no longer have to sift through all your emails several times to find that one email that you should’ve answered yesterday.  




Don’t forget to leave feedback.  Tell us one or two cool things you learned about Todoist or why you chose not to use it.  We want to know.    Click on the logo below for a Cool Video about Todoist




Go forth and be prosperous!





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