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Crafting email campaigns lets you shine – and grow your business

Solution Provider

Crafting email campaigns lets you shine – and grow your business


Are you terrific at your business? If your product is wowing the customers and your service is winning over your clients, then take a bow … but don’t sit down yet.  A final piece of winning over your audience with great products and services is sharing the good news with those who haven’t experienced your business yet. Why would you bother to do this? Because your prospects are wondering how good you are at your business. Letting others answer it for them is priceless.


Some of us are shy when considering asking for praise in writing; hey, I’m guilty too.  However, it’s a critical component of increasing your revenue. Recently I helped a customer beyond what she was expecting and while expressing her thanks, I suddenly asked her if she would put that into writing. She said, “of course!” and now I have a new testimonial posted on my Facebook page and my LinkedIn. That wasn’t so hard, was it?


I will also share that testimonial and the story behind it on my email campaign.


This answers the proverbial question – what do I write about in my email campaigns? Why not let the stories of how you wowed your customers become the focal point of the campaign? Face it, you’re terrific. So why are you keeping it a secret, when your customers would be happy to promote you? Keep a piece of good ol’ fashioned paper by your work area. On it are the words, “Ask for it!”.


The next time your customer expresses their thanks, go one step further: “Can I get you to put that thanks into writing? Would you be so kind as to post it on my social media page?”


Ssshhhh – here’s the secret – most people will say, “sure, I’ll see when I can get to that.” It’s a polite way of saying, “I don’t want to spend the time right now to write something eloquent.”  So jump in with – “let me write a draft for you, send it to your email right now, and you can either accept as is or modify to your taste.”  They will appreciate giving you a public thanks AND the fact that you’ll make that process easy for them as well.


Don’t be shy – give it a try.

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