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Crash Course: Event Hashtags For Dummies

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Crash Course: Event Hashtags For Dummies

What They Are: Hashtags are used to pull a conversation together on social media.


Why Your Event Should Have A Hashtag

  • Makes it easy for people to find photos from the event.
  • Chat with other people that are at the event (your customers can make friends + great for new business development for b2b!)
  • When someone uses a hashtag on social media, it’s public even thought their profile may be private so you can connect with customers and see people talking about your business.

How To Create: Just make it up! Think of a keyword or (very) short, catchy phrase that is related to your event.


Now that you created a hashtag for your event, you have to tell people about it so they can use it!

You can print out a sign (like this) and place it in a stand up holder to use at your event that says “Join The Conversation & Use #HASHTAG On Your Pictures & Posts!”

Have your speakers mention it at the event as a reminder. Include the hashtag in all of your event promotion such as event invitations, emails, and posts on social media asking people to “join the conversation and use #yourhashtag.”



Post Example in A Facebook Event:



Example of Email Promotion:

 Restaurant Reveal.JPG


Then, you can look up the hashtag on social media pages like this:













hashtag instagram.png


There you have it! Any other questions? Let me know in the comments, tweet me @LindsayJHiggins or ask me on Facebook

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