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Create Easy Paths For Risk Averse Sales Reps

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Create Easy Paths For Risk Averse Sales Reps

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Elevate Your Sales Force To A Strategic Asset Level


Top tier reps continually stretch their comfort zones.  They gain confidence by enhancing their professional and technical skills.  They focus on expanding horizontal and vertical contacts within their accounts.  They smartly approach new prospects in unfamiliar industries and territories. They represent the entire product line and always search for new applications. They create and tell Success Stories that prove how customers enjoy significant results by overcoming challenges through the solutions they provide. 

Mid-tier reps risk daily disappointment from their status quo strategy.  Instead, they should expand their comfort zones to smoothly navigate an uncontrollable sea of customers, competition, economy and their own companies.

An integrated sales and marketing leadership team can make it emotionally easier for these safety seekers by cuing them into areas where top performers have blazed a path for them.  They can tailor these ideas to their own style, which enables originality and authenticity.

At a minimum, mid-tier reps should retell success stories of top performers as they develop confidence and skills to develop their own.  This content will expand their horizons and they will find it less risky to look for similar opportunities and apply similar solutions because others have blazed the path for them.

Build a portfolio of online press releases and success stories fit for the moment.  Make this part of ongoing sales training and an agenda item during all sales meetings.  Online Press Releases reveal why a customer or partner has selected your company.  Success Stories prove that you delivered on your promise. Video Testimonials make the story real.  Success Story Template.jpg

John J. Bernardi