Creative ways to use relevancy and less frequency…

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Creative ways to use relevancy and less frequency…

Irrelevant.jpgand save more time for direct, digital and social media communications.


To start a conversation face-to-face, people don’t start talking with another person about something totally different than the person they are talking with. The conversation usually is relevant to both parties. To start a conversation online, as so many companies want to do nowadays in digital marketing and social media, the message needs relevancy. The message must be relevant to the conversation(s) that’s already begun.


Amazon is a good example of a company trying to be more relevant to their customer needs. A customer makes a purchase, they get a quick survey on how Amazon meets their expectations. Additional purchases by the customer gives Amazon more information and so on.

So, if you wish to initiate a conversation, realize that people socialize for the following reasons:

  • They want to discuss similar interests
  • They have important information to share
  • They are extremely generous and want to add value to another person’s life. Such as congratulating the person on a new company position in a form of praise and compliments.

So when trying to engage and converse with people in social media, also think of a few ways to engage with your brand. For example:

  • What do you want to share with customers about your brand?
  • Or what customers think of your brand?
  • Do you have important information to share about your brand?

Marketing and sales uses this type of information to help build better data segments, customer profiles and to exchange more relevant marketing communications with its customers.


In the past, when using direct marketing, frequency and relevancy were bantered back and forth to determine which one was best for a good response.


Here’s how to put each one to good use.

In a business to business (B2B) company, the marketing content is very important to their company’s marketing and sales success. Of equal importance is the frequency of the delivery and how relevant the message is to the contact you are trying to reach.


How many contacts does it take for a prospect to engage in a conversation? Depending on your product or service, it can be seven or eight contacts or who is counting.


So what is it; frequency or relevancy?

In today’s economy, prospective customers don’t want to be sold to. They want to make their own decisions. With the capability of better web searches, social media and even communication with business associates, there is literally a mountain of information available for your contacts to gather.


Contact.jpgEven with today’s multi-channel marketing campaigns, it still takes some time to nurture a contact by breaking through the clutter, and for them to become better acquainted with your business.


Consider adding Social Media responsibilities to your customer service team to enhance relevant engagement and to gather customer information for your marketing database. The frequency of marketing communications can be scaled back or even replaced with other marketing channels selected by the customers.



As customer engagement increases with time, the answer of frequency or relevancy may become a moot point.

If you want my vote, I’ll go with relevancy on any given day.


To learn more about how to make your content more relevant, please download our white paper, “Customer Contact… to Know is the Ability to Manage” from my website, Marketing Communications Group, Inc.


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