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Customize Subscriber Preferences with Email Automation

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Customize Subscriber Preferences with Email Automation

Adding new contacts to your database seems like a simple and straightforward task - but how can you ensure the right messages will make it to the right person? This question becomes especially true if you have multiple mailing lists, with each promising unique and specialized content.


Outlined below is a simple and effective strategy to help build an organized contact database.


Let’s presume you have a few different mailing lists, comprised of ‘Monthly Newsletter’ and a few other lists for specialized content. Lets call the other 2 lists ‘Event Alerts’ and ‘Hints & Tips’.


Once you’ve gained someone’s permission to send email communication, the question then becomes what list do you add them to? The Monthly Newsletter is an obvious choice, but what about the others? The other lists you have may or may not be of interest to that person. Furthermore, the last thing you want is to send too many emails to someone who may in turn opt-out of receiving future emails.


The solution to this is an easy one and involves setting up an automated email Campaign. The automated email campaign would include some introductory text and contact information. Most importantly, be sure to include a link for the subscriber to custom-tailor their subscription preferences with an ‘Update Profile’ link in the email. At this time, they can select which list they want to be on based on their individual interests.


So as you add new contacts to your database, place them into the automated email list where they’ll automatically receive the email detailed above. Each new subscriber will receive this email where they can customize their unique subscription preferences. Follow this process for all new contacts in your database and you’ll ensure a neat, clean and highly-organized contact database.

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