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Dear Restaurants: What We Need From Your Website

Honored Contributor

Dear Restaurants: What We Need From Your Website

I read this article today by W.Blake Gray about the top 8 items that are needed on your website.  I defnitely agree with him but have a couple more of my own to add to their list.


  1. The hours of operation
  2. The menu
  3. The drinks list
  4. Photos of your food
  5. A reservations link
  6. Your manifesto
  7. Who are you?
  8. Your address and phone number on the homepage

Now here are mine:


9.  Your Join My Mailing List link ( you knew I was going there right?)

     This is so important!  You want people to be able to sign up to receive notifications and updates from the restaurant to get them in the door.  Which leads to....

10.  Social Media links!

       If you're on Facebook, I want to see what your restaurant is doing on Facebook.  Same goes for Twitter. 


Your customers are now your critics. You no longer are depending upon food critics to sign off on your business.



  • Do you have a website?
  • Does it have all 10 of those items?
  • If it doesn't, what is your plan to get those items on there?