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Decision Making

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Decision Making

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As business owners, we make difficult decisions on a regular basis, from how to handle difficult customers or vendors to how we will guide our company down different paths. Anyone that's been in business awhile knows that sometimes these decisions can be extremely hard. Recently, I had one of those crossroads where each direction seemed equally valuable but I could not decide. Needless to say, lack of decisiveness can waste time and stall your company's progress. Here are a few tips for those decisions that can be especially difficult:


  1. Take time away from work to think about your situation long and hard. Maybe take a walk in the park and put your thoughts on a voice recorder as you're walking.
  2. Listen to your instincts. This can be a tough one but try to trust that inner feeling that keeps speaking to you.
  3. Try to imagine that you've made the decision already. How does it feel?
  4. Discuss your difficult decision with close friends and get their thoughts. They don't have to be experts on the matter. Sometimes just one little thought that they might have could be significant and something you've yet to think of.
  5. Consider a meeting with SCORE, an organization that helps consult businesses for free. 

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Mike Donovan
CTCT Employee

Re: Decision Making

Thank you, Mike. The difficult decisions can sometimes be paralizing, and these suggestions are really good exercises to get moving again.

Jeff Gilson
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Occasional Advisor

Re: Decision Making

Thank you, Mike for Good advice. It is not easy dealing with a difficult client, but using the techniques may be able to help resolve the issue in way that is satisfactory to both you and your customers. I think dealing with difficult customers can be challenging. But if it’s handle the situation well, may even be able to improve relationships.


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